Duplex Machanical Power Press

Duplex Machanical Power Press

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In-built Total Auto Lubrication

Gogte press provides additional features for automatic Hydro Dynamic Lubrication System for positive lubrication & cooling, of bearings and thus avoids possible miss in daily maintenance. This is to ensure advantage of longer life.

Multifold Productions Achieved

GOGTE Duplex Press has its own advantage of higher production rate achieved by additional built in press on opposite side

without or with automations if necessary.

Graphical Display of Cost Saving and Working Economy

  • "Area wise blocks indicate ,Initial Capital Investment in Blue Colour in Investment Zone Estimated cost savings described in (3)/ (4) / (5)/ (6) / (7) & (8) are shown in yellow Colour in Gain
  • "Faint yellow blocks indicate images of upper yellow blocks showing cut or gain effect on cost paid
  • Dark Blue line indicates resultant net expense-gain levels along X-axis. It may please be noted that,
  • At (6) blue line crosses over X-axis compensating initial investment cost to nil,
  • while original capital asset remains saved.
  • There after it travels in Gain Zone over blocks (7) (8) indicating cumulative added advantages.
  • Then it adopts continual path of users progress.